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Ronda Sciolto (Umphrey)



 Technology will either enhance
               or limit our lives,
    isolate or connect us to others


My passion is to help Non-Digital Natives, like myself, born before the internet and smart devices became part of everyday life. The only difference is that I have spent over three decades in the computer systems and software field providing tech support. I can't count the number of times someone said to me "Help me Ronda"


I Will Help You

Have a new confidence and a feeling of personal accomplishment.

Have the ability to experience improved relationships with family and friends.
Stay close to children, grandchilden and friends.
Be empowered and productive.
Have the ability to increase your earning ability.

Most of us Non-Digital Natives have a Love/Hate Relationship with Technology. 

You love what technology does for you ...

Connects you to those you care about; children, grandchildren, freinds that you don't see often because they live miles away.
Enriches your life at the tap of your finger you get current news and answers to questions, things that you have always wondered about without leaving the comfort of your home.
Enables you to earn money, be productive, empowered.

But you hate technology just as much because it never seems to do for you what you need it to. So you ...

Feel frustated with technology, frustrated with a family member who tries to help, frustrated with yourself ?
Feel inadequate, stupid ?
Exasperated, anxious and depressed because the technolgy wonn't work the way you want it to ?
Confused what to do next ? 
Confused with the many choices ? Windows, Mac ?  Tablet; iPad, Android, Windows, Kindle ? Cell Phone, iPhone, Android ?

Afraid of technolgy ? Do you have fear of doing something new, something that will harm your computer ?


30 + years of IT Experience at Your Service

I left the corporate world to help those challenged by technology.
The same expertise, responsiveness and professionalism given to a Fortune 500 company is now YOURS.

I specialize  in Helping Non-digital Natives,  Boomers and Elders with my outstanding patience, anointing, experience and the ability to translate tech-speak into simple language.
Now offering smart home device setup service for seniors and the disabled in RI!

I help you and your loved ones thrive in this digital world by making Smart Technology


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"Ronda is a patient trainer as well as technical developer in every field of her expertise."

"Ronda is a quality woman in nature, skill and effective impact. She knows what she is doing and does everything with an excellent skill and spirit! Ronda is a patient trainer as well as technical developer in every field of her expertise. She is worth your time and your money!"

Janet Mangum, Director Aglow International Transformation  Ministry

 "I highly recommend Ronda to others with cyber challenges, especially Seniors like myself. "

Ronda Umphrey has been and continues to be my cyber angel.
She patiently helps me with the endless technical challenges that I experience with my Macbook, iPad, Email, etc.
 She calmly and respectfully listens through my frustration and has a solution for every problem I experience.

I highly recommend Ronda to others with cyber challenges, especially Seniors like myself. I am ever so thankful for her constant, thoughtful cyber care, as essential to me good nutrition!!!

JL Keith, Providence, Rhode Island

"A preferred technical support provider and a volunteer for the Providence Village Tech Support Team that she helped set up."

Ronda Umphrey is a competent technician and teacher who can be called upon to help with any technical support need that our Village members have. In addition to being our preferred technical support provider Ronda is a volunteer for the Providence Village Tech Support Team that she helped set up.

Ronda understands the challenges that seniors face with technology and with her patient help she improves their experience with technology. Ronda brings forth a better understanding and comfort to our members with their devices that they did not have before meeting with Ronda.

I highly recommended Ronda to Providence Village members as well my Senior and Boomer friends looking for help with any type of technology.

Suzanne Goldfines Leader, Providence Village Tech Support Team

"Providence Village is a community of mutual support for Seniors."

"I would recommend Ronda Umphrey to anyone having technical issues and no tech skills (or no patience to learn)."

Besides being an excellent technical assistant for anyone who must produce a book (or important work material on a computer), she will help you with great patience to navigate in all Createspace requirements to print your book.

A must-have person to have in your address book!

Ann Cattaruzza Perso, Amazon.com Best Selling Author of La Femme De Tom


"Ronda is willing to hear me out and find the way to exactly the outcome that I am seeking."

Ronda has been an immense help to me in publishing my book and maneuvering through the new territory of online publishing, marketing and advertising.  She demonstrates a wealth of knowledge and an uncanny ability to digest and implement new processes.  Even more important, she is willing to hear me out and find the way to get exactly the outcome I am seeking.  I highly recommend her tech services.

Glennis Torpey, Amazon.com Best Selling Author of "I am Willing" Inner Healing Thru the  Savior's Hand


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